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For over 10 years, the Napfényes Festival has been one of the biggest, most colourful and all-encompassing events focusing on healthy lifestyles in Hungary. Its purpose is to offer knowledge and methods appropriate to the modern age for the physical, mental and spiritual adoption of a harmonious, fulfilled life.

The lectures held in the Main Hall serve as the backbone of the event, yet these are currently only available in Hungarian language, just as the other workshops and naturopath consultations.
However, the other programmes of the Festival can be enjoyed without any language skills!

Our entertaining events include performances from Hungarian stars and outstanding artists in a wide range of genres, including music, juggling and magic.
Our marketplace provides a diverse offer of organic foodstuffs, dietary supplements with natural ingredients, natural and organic cosmetics, environmentally-friendly detergents and handcrafted items with an artistic value – the list goes on!

The festival features vegan treats and popular dishes from Hungarian and foreign cuisine from the Napfényes Restaurant, Budapest’s largest vegan restaurant. The Napfényes Confectionery awaits visitors with a wide range of plant-based, vegan pastries as well as vegan ice cream!

The open-air sites offer creative, artistic and skill development activities for adults and children alike. A stage dedicated to children features shows throughout the day, therefore it’s safe to say that the festival is a truly family-friendly event, with substantive activities for all age groups!

A single ticket provides access to all the indoor and outdoor events of the festival.

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Online jegyvásárlás

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